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Year-Round Tips for Using Screened Porches with Fireplaces

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Enjoying your porch all yearlong can be much easier when you have the addition of a fireplace and the porch itself is screened in. While screened porches with fireplaces have plenty of great benefits due to their weather-resistance, it’s still important that you look into how to best care for the fireplace.

With some careful planning, you can be confident that your porch is safe to use during the colder months of the year.

Fireplace inside a screen porch with stone

Make Safety Your First Priority

Safety should always be your main concern when dealing with fire in your home. In order to prevent issues arising from the fireplace, make sure to add a screen around the fire. With a screen in place, any fire embers can be controlled and your porch will be safer to use.

Keep Your Fireplace Ready for Use at Any Time

Whether you enjoy entertaining guests or using your porch for relaxing alone, it’s a good idea to keep the fireplace ready for use. This means cleaning it out after each use of any ashes and keeping logs and other supplies nearby.

Allow for Plenty of Air Circulation

Fireplaces in small spaces can be a bad idea, especially if there’s a lack of air flow. In order for you to keep your porch safe and comfortable to spend time in, make sure that air circulation is present within the screened porch.

With the concerns around having a fireplace within an enclosed space, you’ll want to take some extra time to ensure it’s being used properly. Contact us if you have any questions about using a porch with a fireplace.

Stone fireplace inside a screen porch


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