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The Perfect Deck Makes Entertaining Outdoors a Breeze

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The scorching heat of the summer is past its worst extremes. You want to make the most of this weather by spending time with your friends and loved ones enjoying the outdoors.

You may dream of cookouts and barbecues and kids playing while the adults talk. Maybe you prefer more formal entertaining, with dignified lighting around mature conversation, or you

Or perhaps you relish the coolness of winter in Atlanta, and you and your friends can't wait to spend time in the sun without sweltering. You already have plans for gathering around a fire pit or grill.

Maybe the rich heat is exactly your thing, and you love you have pool parties, but you want more entertaining space available for when you are eating, drinking, or dancing.

A personalized deck can allow you to make the most of your outdoor space and can be the center of your entertaining year-round. Decks are not just boring wooden rectangles anymore (though if that's what you want, it is certainly a popular option); there are tons of options you can use to make your deck the center for amazing outdoor entertainment.

Multiple Levels Add Space and Adaptability

You can have something different on each level of your deck. Maybe you have food on the first level, music, and dancing on the third, and the kid's table is on the ground floor. Your guests can easily move between levels with custom-built stairs or ramps. 

If you want a small, intimate get-together, use only one level. For an afternoon cookout, organize near the grill. For a weekend bash, spread out in all your space.

An Outdoor Kitchen is Convenient

A cooking area, or even a complete outdoor kitchen, could be a great feature to include for entertaining on your deck. You can have an amazing grill, incorporate a pizza oven, build a barbecue pit, or even have a regular stove and refrigerator for an outdoor kitchen.

For eating, you can decide to include a buffet style table, or whether you want a section of small tables and chairs. Perhaps you want the furniture and space for both options.

Multi Level Trex deck perfect for entertaining outdoors

Endless Possibilities so Your Parties Stand Out

Your deck can surround your pool so that it is part of your outdoor living and entertaining space. You and your guests can use it without getting grass or dirt stuck to your feet going to and from the pool.

Consider other water features; you can add a waterfall to your deck for relaxing sound, beauty, and conversation, or build in a hot tub.

Maybe you want built-in planters, You can have fresh herbs near the cooking area, or have them in tiers leading to your other landscaping so that your deck blends in with your gardens.

Perhaps you decide to have one level with a roof or an awning in case of inclement weather - the party can go on, even if it rains. Maybe you add a pergola covered in trumpet vines to provide shade and beauty for you and your guests.

If you love having music and dancing at your parties, you might want to consider incorporating a sound system while you are planning.

Don't Forget Decor

The decor of your deck will have a strong effect on your gathering. Do you use strings of white fairy lights, or hang a disco ball? Classic iron lanterns or colorful paper shades? Electric lights or citronella torches? When planning your deck, you want to see what lighting options can be built in.

Don't forget plants. You are entertaining in the outdoors; plants will definitely help define the space and mood, and the kind of containers you plant them in effect the feel of your space.

Think about rugs, seat cushions, or large pillows on which to sit.

Talk to your builders about what other features they might be able to build in, like mosquito control, deck/stair lighting, shade, or privacy screens.

Planned Storage Makes Clean-Up Easier

When planning your deck, be sure to consider storage. It will make it much easier if you don't have to haul your tables out to a shed after each party. Include space for outdoor game and pool supplies, sun umbrellas, rugs, or decorations. That way you don't have far to go to clean up; everything you might need to pull out for your gathering is right there.

To learn more about how to have your perfect deck built perfect for entertaining outdoors, contact DeckSouth.


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