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Patios: Important Care and Maintenance Tips

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Patios provide homeowners with outdoor living space and added home value. Plus, because they're made of durable materials such as stone and brick, they don't tend to require as much maintenance as other outdoor structures, such as decks. This isn't to say that patios are 100% maintenance-free, however. There are a few steps all homeowners should take to keep their patios safe and looking great all year round.

Paver patio with fire pit

Prevent Weeds

Weeds growing in or around your patio aren't just an eyesore; they can also put your patio stones at risk of becoming dislodged, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Control weeds around your patio space by taking the time to spray a weed killer around its perimeter at least once every few weeks during peek growth months (spring and summer). If you prefer not to use harsh chemicals, you can also pour boiling water over weeds to kill them organically.

Watch for Water Pooling

When your patio was constructed, it should have been done so in a way that would allow for the efficient runoff of water in the even of heavy rains. Over time, however, your patio can gradually shift and its runoff capacity may not be the same as it was when it was first built. If you notice pooling water on your patio, it's important to contact a patio professional right away to have the problem resolved, as prolonged pooling of water can damage your patio.

Seal and Repair as Needed

Finally, just as it's wise to seal a deck as a means of protecting it from the elements, it's also a good idea to have your patio sealed every few years. Furthermore, be on the lookout for cracked or dislodged patio bricks or pavers, and be sure to have them replaced immediately so as to prevent a tripping hazard on your property.

By taking the time to follow these basic yet essential patio maintenance tips, you'll be sure to enjoy a safe and beautiful patio for many years to come. For more information on outdoor living spaces, contact us today.


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