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Don't Be a Square. A Custom Deck Builder Can Shape Up Your Deck Design

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If you look around, most everything is square. When was the last time you saw a round house? Swimming pools are mostly square, parking lots and many HVAC units are square. People have become accustomed to the same-old, same-old and are enchanted when something out of the ordinary in shape crosses their path. That's what made them buy cars with fins, or the coffee and end tables shaped like a new moon, or the house with the octagonal-shaped deck. We’re into the second decade of the 21st century and boring same-old, same-old is outta here. While it’s a fact that adding a deck to a house increases square footage, gives families a place to have good quality time together and gives people a great place to network, don’t homeowners owe it to themselves to have a remarkable place to accomplish this?

It’s About Materials

Some things simply defy words to describe their beauty such as an arboretum or a stunning water view.  Rich dark colors need a place to shine so people can enjoy their beauty. A small square deck just won’t showcase the grains in the wood or the subtlety of color. Homeowners want a deck they can sit on and breathe in its beauty all day.

Highlighting the beautiful qualities of the decking requires long stretches of space. If the backyard is big enough, staggering a round or geometrically-shaped deck would showcase the wood wonderfully. Building benches to outline the shape of the deck would also showcase the wood. If staggering the deck isn’t a favorite idea, perhaps building the agreed-upon shape side by side would be acceptable.


It’s About Possibilities

Everyone loves those home shows on cable TV, because they show us what can be accomplished with imagination. It isn’t always about shape but about incorporation. Perhaps the backyard slopes. Homeowners could ask a custom deck builder to use this feature to best advantage. Are trees cluttering the area in which a deck would be built? Use them in the design. Benches for seating are often incorporated in the design around the trees, while patches of flowers have decking built around them.  Incorporating angles at the corners in your deck design is a simple way to spruce up a boring square deck.

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Size Matters

Atlanta and its surrounding area is home to the biggest names in business, sports and entertainment. Its executives and management require worthy surroundings in which to network and entertain. Another gift from home shows on TV is the outdoor room. This can be located on a deck just like it could on a patio or grassy space in the yard. Now add fire-proof, rot-proof and water-tight qualities to the finest and most stunning hardwoods or perhaps synthetics available, and homeowners will have a place in which they'd be proud to talk business. Homeowners will require enough room for, say, twenty persons to mill about and talk, enough room for seating, enough space for flowers, plants and other decorative items and enough area for a kitchen from which to feed them all. Consulting with a custom deck expert will give homeowners an idea how to fit all these essential things into their available space.

Square has its advantages, but it doesn’t have Atlanta’s five points! When homeowners are ready to add a deck of a different color (and shape) to their homes, Decksouth would love to hear their ideas when they contact us.

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