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8 Reasons You Need To Ask Santa for A Deck or Patio:

Posted by Mike Reasons Posted in Fun

Santa landing on a roof.

It’s that time of year. You’re buying gifts for everybody. But what about doing something extra special for yourself and your family this holiday season? If you’ve ever thought about adding a deck or patio, here are a few reasons to consider.

1)   Sunshine. Fresh air. Birds singing. All free for the enjoying.

2)   Sip your favorite adult beverage under a starry night sky. It’ll taste better. Guaranteed.

3)   Comes fully equipped with the world’s biggest sunroof.

4)   Add a fire pit or grill and you can get in touch with your meat-eating Neanderthal ancestors.

5)   Your wife’s uncle, who still smokes a pack a day, will have a place to be a human chimney without bothering anybody.

6)   Makes a great runway for Santa’s sleigh so he can avoid those tricky roof landings in the future.

7)   Winter is the best time to build a patio or deck because building materials usually cost less because of reduced demand.

8)   There will be a fall afternoon when you’re watching the kids play tag in the back yard as you breathe in the crisp air, feeling totally relaxed on your deck or patio, and you’ll catch yourself wondering why you didn’t ask Santa for all this sooner. 

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