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5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Deck

March is here and it’s already feeling like spring has arrived in the Metro Atlanta area.  Soon, with the trees sprouting leaves and the green grass growing, your yard will be
looking fresh and new. So why not your deck? A once-a- year cleaning and sealing is a
smart investment if you want to maximize the life of your wood deck.
Before you get started you might be asking yourself do all decks need to be cleaned.  The answer is "YES".  Even if you have a low maintenance synthtic deck, it still needs some TLC.  An annual deck cleaning will ensure that the deck performs at its best and keeps it looking like the day it was built.  
The best time to do this is in the spring right after pollen season.  In Atlanta this yellow haze will cover everything that sees the sun for 3 weeks, including your deck.  Just follow these 5 simple steps to clean your deck and restore your weather-beaten and pollen covered  deck to its original beauty.
Step 1—Prepping The Deck
Start by removing patio furniture, plants and anything else in order to have a clear deck to
work on. Be sure to cover any plants that are near the deck. Then sweep the deck to
remove leaves and other debris.
Step 2—Hose It Down
Take a garden hose and wet down the entire deck. You can use a pressure washer for this
step, but it’s not necessary. If you do, be careful. Not properly using a pressure washer
can be dangerous. And improper technique, like holding the nozzle too close to the deck,
can easily damage the wood.
Step 3—Clean The Surface
What really cleans the surface of the deck is using a wood cleaner. Some people recommend using oxygen bleach, which is biodegradable. After following the directions on how to mix the cleaner with water, spray the surface with the cleaner (a pump sprayer works well for this). After waiting about 10 minutes, use a stiff bristle brush (it really helps if it’s attached to a long handle) or a heavy-duty push broom to remove all the dirt, debris and grime that is covering the deck. Pay extra attention to heavily soiled areas.
Step 4—Rinse The Surface
Use a garden hose to rinse the deck and remove any residue left by the cleaner. Check to
make sure that you haven’t missed any areas. Otherwise, your deck should be looking
Step 5—Let It Dry
It’s absolutely imperative that that you have a dry deck if you’re going to stain or seal it.
So you need to wait at least two or three days before you take this next step. If it rains
during that period, you’ll need to wait even longer. In the next blog, we’ll cover sealing
and staining your deck.
Even if you have a composite or synthetic deck, an annual cleaning is recommending to keep the surface of the deck clean and the deck to preform at its best.  
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