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4 Reasons to build your outdoor living project this winter

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4 Reasons To Build Your Deck or Patio This Winter

It’s the dead of winter—the least likely time of year to start an outdoor living project. At least in the minds of most people. But think again. If you’ve been seriously considering adding a deck or patio, now is the time to take action and enjoy the four benefits that only winter building can provide.

1) Save On Materials. When you build during the winter, the law of supply and demand can work in your favor. That’s because winter is the slowest time of the year for the building industry. Because of reduced demand, the price of building materials is usually lower compared to the peak building season during the summer. Wholesale suppliers are more likely to give contractors a special price on lumber and other building supplies in order to move product.  Keep in mind that most quality contractors stay busy year round so if someone is offering deep discounts during the winter months, it could mean they don't have enough work to sustain their business.

2) No Waiting To Make Your Dreams Come True. Winter is also an off-season for builders. So they’re much more likely to get started on your project quickly instead of making you wait several weeks or even months before they start building.

3) Treat Your Lumber With Respect. Pressure-treated lumber has a 50% moisture content and needs several weeks or even months to dry. During the winter, the wood has more of an opportunity to dry evenly compared to the humid summer months, when the sun is much higher in the sky and the heat can expand and contract the wood.     

4)Soak Up The Sun When Spring Arrives. When the warm weather finally comes around, you and your family won’t be stuck waiting and watching as your deck or patio is being built. Instead, you’ll be out in the sunshine, enjoying the fresh air and the first of many years of outdoor living.                                                             


So if your thinking of being one of the smart ones and start your project in the winter, then click below to schedule your free phone consultation to get started.  


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