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4 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Your Deck Contractor

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Updating your home with a new deck or patio is exciting. The thoughts of sitting out on your new deck when the weather is mild bring relaxation to mind. You will enjoy the many times of cooking out, having a get-together or celebrating with family and friends once your new deck or patio is constructed. Not only is this a place to make memories, but it adds value to your home as well. Part of the process for constructing your deck involves selecting materials, deciding on a style, and figuring out the size. However, another important step is hiring your deck contractor to design and construct your new space. 

When deciding to increase the beauty and value of your home, you want high standards of quality. Some deck builders may be adept at building a deck, but lack in the careful forethought necessary to creating an excellent product. If you are going to invest the money in your outdoor living space, you want to make sure that you contract with the best. Here are 4 characteristics of a quality contractor. 


You probably do not just want any type of addition to your home. You want it to be inspiring, enhancing, and eye-catching. This will require more than simply having a contractor nail several pieces of wood together. A top contractor will get a feel for your home, your outdoor space, and even how the landscaping is arranged. This may give them some thoughts about what material would match best with your home. They will also listen to how you envision the finished product. They may offer suggestions or ideas to help guide you through the process if you are unsure about what you want. Then utilizing unique materials such as Brazilian hardwood and non-wood composite decking, they design your breath-taking deck. 

Uses quality materials

Many deck materials are not up to par with quality. You want materials that are water resistant, resist mold, do not decay, and are durable under all conditions. These are true marks of quality materials. Ask the contractor you are considering what type of materials they use and if they can show you samples. Ask how long-lasting the particular material is and about its ability to repel water. Make sure your deck is made of the best materials. IMG_6900.jpg


Testimonials and ratings are a very powerful witness to what type of company you’re considering. When prior customers provide information about what kind of work they received, it will benefit you. You can read what customers liked about the company and decide if those attributes are important to you. Check out the company’s website to find out if they post testimonials. If so, read through some of them and hear what others think.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

A customer-centric business focuses primarily on the customer. How does this play out in the business? They cater more to ensuring the customer gets the best job possible. One way this is accomplished is by paying their employees a straight salary without any commissions, the employees are compelled to give you the personal attention needed. This gives your job top priority. No one is rushing to get to the next commission. Employees take their time to give you the best product. From the initial appointment through the final product, you are the winner.

Deciding to add a deck or patio to your home is a great step in enhancing your home’s beauty. Now, finding the best contractor for the job is next. At Decksouth, we are committed to creating only the finest product. We have constructed over 2,000 outdoor designs and been around since 1998. Take a peek at our gallery and we’re sure you will be impressed. Contact us today for more information!


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