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6 Benefits of a Low-Maintenance Deck

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Low maintenance decks have been around for over 20 years and are a wonderful alternative to natural wood.  With recent developments in composite and capstock decking it is now possible for a new higher level of low maintenance that will allow you create the deck of your dreams.

1.  Adds value to the home – Getting a deck professionally installed adds value to your home and is a great selling point.  Remodeling magazine’s cost vs value report states that a new deck can have a ROI (Return on Investment) as high as 81.1%.  A composite or synthetic deck will set your home apart once it’s time to sell.

2.  Aesthetics– New technology within the last 5 years is making wood alternative decking a valid option over wood in performance, look and texture.  This new technology allows manufactures to offer warranties as long as 25 years on fading and staining.

3.  Easy maintenance - This is where you eliminate most of your headaches. With a cap stock deck board there is no on going sanding, staining, or sealing. Simple cleaning consists of a soap and water application once a year to remove any dirt build up or mildew depending on the back yard environment.

4.  Stands up to Elements – Wood decks require yearly sanding and staining and can expose you to splinters. Capstock decks are tough, durable and able to withstand the UV rays of the sun, as well as rain, hail and snow. The best part of cap stock decking is they don’t stain, fade and NO splinters! Another great feature is that compared to wood they are fairly slip resistant when coming in contact with any type of liquid.

5.  Saves you money – If you will be in your home for 5 years or more, a capstock deck product can save you money. The total cost of ownership of a wood deck over that period of time will exceed the upfront cost of a capstock deck project.

6.  Low maintenance accessories – To complete a full low maintenance project there are more offerings than the decking alone.  Areas to consider if the budget allows are powder coated metal rail products, PVC trim, and light gauge steel framing.

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