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Design Ideas for Unique Porches

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A porch adds character and value to your home, and can greatly enhance your quality of living. When it comes to porches the number of design options available are nearly endless. Here are a few you may want to consider for your own home.


Fireplaces aren’t normally thought of as being for porches; however, they can actually be an excellent addition to them. Adding a fireplace to your porch will enable you to use it year round, thereby allowing you to make better use of your investment. They also provide a great focal point for the room and provide a perfect backdrop for an outdoor tv.

Creating an Outdoor Room

Today’s porches tend to be outdoor extensions of your home, which is why they may contain some of the same elements. For example, slate flooring, bead board ceilings and outdoor ceiling fans are often used in porches to help give the illusion that they are actually additional rooms. Using the same elements in designing your porch is especially important if you entertain often, and would like your porch to provide you with overflow space for your guests to mingle in.  Materials, textures and paints are also important design elements to consider to make sure that your porch isn't just another room in the house.

Ensuring Privacy

Porches should also allow for a certain amount of privacy, especially if you live in a neighborhood with close homes. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Outdoor drapes
  • Landscaping
  • Blinds and shutters

When planning for privacy, consider your home’s architectural features and the design of your porch. You want to achieve privacy without detracting from your home’s appearance, so you should avoid concealing your best architectural features with large trees or other fixtures.


Porches no longer have to be square or rectangular, as a good number of homeowners these days are choosing round, octagonal or even multi-tiered porches. Structures that are an unusual shape have some distinct advantages, because they can offer you a better view, and may even allow you to access them from more than one area of your home. These are just a few of the design trends that are popular for porches right now. To see some of the latest porch projects, click here to view our gallery.

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