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Top 10 things to do on a rainy 4th of July

Posted by Mike Posted in Blogsouth

Most of the country is getting ready to say  "Happy Birthday America" with backyard BBQ's, a 5K road race or spending time with family, but when mother nature has other plans for outdoor activities many times you have to adjust.  With 3-5" of rain expected for most of the Southeastern United States, everyone at Decksouth has come up with a few ideas to help make your own "fireworks" even if they won't stay lit.

4thfireworks11.  Movie marathon

2.  Play card games on your porch

3.  Play hide and seek

4.  Make a Craft

5.  Read a good book

6.  Make some cookies

7.  Try a new recipe

8.  Have an indoor treasure hunt

9.  Take a nap

10.  Plan a list of things to do when it is sunny again.

Every day is not a rainy day, but this 4th of July looks like it will be.  So take a few ideas and make it a memorable one.





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